Beyond Campaigns and Political Parties

A Movement of The People

Progressive Alliance is a grassroots, non-partisan and non-violent movement. Our purpose is to contribute in the education, motivation and mobilization of the people to achieve a more united, just and humanitarian nation. We are calling all progressives to unite and advance an agenda of progressive convergence on the vital issues facing our nation.

We believe unity, organization and reflection of our common goals is the key to achieve real progress of our Democracy and the well being of our people. To this end, we are advocating collaboration and bringing together grassroots organizations, non-profits, young, seniors, workers, teachers, artists, progressive leaders, progressive political candidates and anyone with the same objective to transform America from the bottom up. Learn More…


Our Mission

Awareness – Through information, discussion and participation we are empowering the progressive movement and our demand for change.


Unity – We are helping unite all progressives regardless of party affiliation so that we can have real Democracy and improve the lives of our people by working together.


Organization – We are organizing and supporting progressive efforts between social, grassroots and political organizations to efficiently build on our momentum. We advocate effective dialogue to form a general consensus on the best avenues towards a progressive convergence.


Action – We are mobilizing grassroots activists and all members of the community to foment real progressive change from the bottom up.  We are supporting true progressive leaders at the local, state and national level.  We are also working with celebrities, artists, non-profits and grassroots organizations to strengthen the progressive community.

Please see the Progressive Alliance Universal Platform for the detailed list of crucial Issues we fight for.